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Welcome to the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn

The Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn operates as an outer expression of the philosophy, objective, and practical work found in the public declarations of the Rosicrucians in the Fama and Confessio, which were published in Germany in 1610 and 1615, respectively. In these documents, the authors declare a method and society involved in the transformation of man into a compassionate, socially aware individual, committed to the service of the Brotherhood of Humanity, and the extension of the true gifts of Mankind. Compassion (R.C., “roke”, Hebrew for “tenderness”) is the true mark of a Rosicrucian and the motivation of our Work.

In 1888, three high ranking Adepts of the Western Mystery Tradition formed the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (H.O.G.D.). Around the turn of the century, a series of events culminated in the revolt of the Adepti of the H.O.G.D. and the consequent expulsion of MacGregor Mathers who at this time was the only remaining founder. The remaining Adepti continued the Order as the “Stella Matutina” (with the support of one of the founders, William Wynn Westcott) and MacGregor Mathers went on to reformulate the Order as the “Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega”.  Much of this has been documented by R.A. Gilbert and Darcy Kuntz and we direct those interested in such to the published works of these gentlemen.

It is sufficient to state for the purpose of this introduction, the original stream of the H.O.G.D. and its two branches have continued to this day. The Founders of the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn (R.O.G.D.), have been personally trained by the leaders of each in fully operating Esoteric Orders.  The Work of the R.O.G.D. includes and expands upon the work of the three encompassing the highest grades of the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian Tradition. The R.O.G.D. acknowledges Apostolic Succession and strongly endorses the value of Lineage and its importance within our Tradition. Each grade of the R.O.G.D. has been received in proper form by those who have received such all the way to the original Founders of the H.O.G.D. and beyond.

All candidates for Initiation into the R.O.G.D. must complete a six-month Probationary Membership. The R.O.G.D., as a vehicle for the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, offers this service “gratis”, that is, we offer it as a genuine gift and we do not ask anything in return, monetary or otherwise. The only condition is to turn in each month’s record before we send out the next lesson. Please click on the membership tab at the top of this page if you are interested in applying for Probationary Membership.

Currently we offer Initiation at our Temples in Southern California and Texas. Membership requires a monthly attendance and a few additional times a year for grade work. The astral component of our rituals is a critical aspect, but the candidate must be physically present at our Initiation and Grade Rituals.


Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn